Selling Meters isn’t all that you think it is

You have some old electrical meters that are obsolete. You have replaced them with Smart Meters and now find yourself with an overflowing storage room of old meters. Why not sell those old meters and get a little money for your troubles, right? WRONG! Selling old meters isn’t all that you think it is. You may think it sounds like a great way to make a quick buck. But does the advantage outweigh the risk?

First, the serial numbers on utility meters can be traced back to the original owner, thus putting you at risk for liability should the old meter malfunction or cause property damage. Second, it can be difficult to find a buyer and negotiate terms of delivery and payment. The time investment alone in trying to sell your old meter may outweigh the monetary gain in the end.

So what’s the best option for getting rid of old meters? Recycling is the best way to minimize your liability while realizing a revenue stream. With Bay Metal Utility all the hard work is handled for you, and it is our goal to make the recycling process as easy as possible. 

Bay Metal is a global recycler who will make certain that all your old meter recycling is completed per local regulations and law, thus ensuring you are not responsible for any liability concerning your old meter once you have turned it over to Bay Metal. If you find yourself with unused, old meters that need disposal, consider Bay Metal for your meter recycling needs.